What is the legal definition of marriage?

Most states define marriage as a civil contract between a man and a woman to become husband and wife. The standard way to mar...




What are the legal effects of marriage?

There are several federal and state laws that benefit married couples. Some examples include the right to file joint income t...




What is a legal divorce?

A divorce is a method of terminating a marriage contract between two individuals. From a legal standpoint, divorce will give ...




What is a no-fault divorce?

Traditionally, divorce was granted on the basis of some marital misconduct such as adultery or physical abuse. In these cases...




What is a fault-based divorce?

A fault-based divorce is one in which one party blames the other for the failure of the marriage by citing a legal wrong. Gro...




When parents can't reach an agreement on custody, what standards do courts use to decide with whom the children should live?

When parents cannot reach an agreement regarding child custody, most courts try to decide custody based upon an analysis of w...




What impact should a child's age have on custody and visitation scheduling?

Development experts generally agree that children of different ages have different needs regarding visitation scheduling. Exp...




Can I terminate visitation if I am not being paid the support I am owed?

No. Tempting as it may be to tie visitation to child support payments, they are separate considerations. In most, if not all,...




How is child support determined?

Each state has child support guidelines in place that are used as the foundation for determining the amount of child support....




Can I get child support if I never married my child's other parent?

Yes. Both of a child's biological parents owe that child a duty of financial support. You can work with a family law attorney...



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