Visitation is a term that has been abolished by the legislature and now parents have a time sharing schedule that is included in the parenting plan. It is important to understand the legal options for parents in these cases and we can help you navigate to an acceptable resolution. Our experienced staff understands how to work with both parties to coordinate time sharing of your children. 


Time Sharing schedule

this is a schedule that establishes the time the child spends with each parent. The Court can use a schedule similar to the "standard visitation schedule" that was used prior to the change in the law. That schedule is every other weekend, alternating holidays, and six weeks in the summer. Time sharing can include a variety of schedules. If the parties have equal time sharing, the parties may exchange the child/children weekly, or they may have a 2/2/3 schedule where they exchange the child/children every 2 or three days. The Court has the burden of entering a schedule that is in the best interest of the minor child/children. All time sharing schedules are different and adapted to the facts of each case. 


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